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School Safety

In case of an emergency, please refer to the following safety procedure:

Family Reunification Plan

In the event of an unforeseen emergency and it’s necessary for students to be picked up from school quickly by their parents/guardian, we will implement our Family Reunification Plan.  Parents will be asked to report to the library while students will report to the gym in an organized fashion.  Once the students and staff are ready (we want to make sure students are safe with supervision and sign out protocols are in place), parents will be notified in the library and can begin to sign out their student(s) at the assigned table using the Last Name Letter-Coordination in the cafeteria.  Once the student(s) and parent(s) have been unified, they may exit the building through the main entrance.  If the Family Reunification Plan were to be implemented, you would be notified through School Messenger which would send an email and phone call.  The Family Reunification Plan would not be implemented for an Early Closing due to snow.