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Principal’s Message


I am so honored to be a part of  the Kaechele Elementary School community and to be leading our students and staff as the principal.  Attending elementary school is an exciting time in a child’s school career and a time when he/she should explore learning opportunities, take risks and develop as a student.   At KES, we are committed to making each day memorable and meaningful,  and we believe when staff, parents and our school community work together all KES students benefit.  As a result, our theme for last year was Growing Together, Life Ready Learners.  Each of our Coyotes grew to meet their own personal goals.  This year, our Coyotes will continue to reflect, persevere, and grow.  At Kaechele, we Shine Bright!

Our way of thinking is highlighted in our school’s mission statement: 

Kaechele Elementary School is a safe and inclusive learning community where students and teachers are empowered to take risks, are held accountable for their own learning, are inspired to think critically, and serve outside of the school walls. 

The vision of Kaechele Elementary School is to recognize and to promote the uniqueness of each individual child. Since each child has different strengths and needs, we promote a challenging atmosphere for learning through an integrated curriculum. Kaechele Elementary School is committed to excellence in educating and preparing students for their future contributions to society.  One way our vision is communicated to students is through the internalization of our school motto:

 At Kaechele, I do my best everyday.

I listen.  I follow directions.  I work hard.

I am honest.

I respect myself, others and the environment.

What I do today does make a difference.

 I look forward to many opportunities for us to work together.  I encourage you to become involved in our school and learn from personal experience what it means to be a KES Coyote.  If I can assist you in any way, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Take care,

Jennifer Rhoden