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Faculty and Staff/Blogs

Kaechele Elementary School Staff/Blogs

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Administration and Office

Jennifer Rhoden Principal
Tim Buffkin Associate Principal
Karen Shaia

Lorin Hullett

School Counselors
Lori Wood Secretary and Substitutes
Shannon Hyman Office Assistant, Registrar, and  Attendance
Tammy Mlynczak

Carol Williams

Licensed Practical Nurse

Clinic Attendant

Dudley Sutro Itinerant Nurse

Resource & Others

Debbie Taylor and Cheryl Ives PREP
Lisa Frederes Psychologist
Alysa Tavel

Peronica Carter

Reading Specialist

Math Coach

Kelly Becker Gifted Resource Teacher
Stephanie Anderson Innovative Learning Coach
Jason Xinos Technology Support Technician
Jane Arrington

Jerri Girvin

Susan Thornton

Liz Concepcion


Math Interventionist

Reading Interventionist

Reading Interventionist

Officer Billy Duke School Resource Officer
Sherry Lott Audiologist
Christina Sulzer School Librarian
Jean Gonyo School Library Assistant
Ed Krauss Music
Ginny Clark LIEP
Ashley Fullerton Art
Jason Runk Physical Education
Katherine Crusco

Amy Donald

Laura Fultz

Social Worker

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist


Meredith Dobranski Tracy Fabricant
Lauren Kluge Erin Smith

First Grade

Meredith Betke Polly Bosse
Kim Rademacher Stephanie Swart

Second Grade

Kelly Adams Kelli Gannon
Janet Givens Elise Matsuura

Third Grade

 Monica Bagley Stephanie Fosberg
 Rebecca Maria Kristen Schemmel

Fourth Grade

Natalie Axtell Esther Black
Karen Brincks Lori Gebhard 

Fifth Grade

Jennifer Berdux
Kara Terry
Katie Dix
Jessica Victoriano

Exceptional Education

Kelsey Dunbar

Laura Fultz

Amy Donald

Speech-Language Pathologist

Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Matthew Burton
Amanda Sheldon 
Catherine Stroman


Penny Mersereau (3 yr.)
Brittany Mosley (4 yr.)
Early Childhood Special Education
Suzy Copeland-Lowery(ECSE/4 yr)
Kristen Litsinger (EE)
Michael Medley (BLISS)
Shana Rutherford (ECSE/3 yr)
Justin Viener (EE)Heather Testerman (BLISS)
LeeAnn Testerman (BLISS)
Kaniz Fatema(BLISS)
Naaima Zeroual (FIS)Swati Achari (FIS)
Instructional Assistants
Andrea Fry Exceptional Education Resource Teacher


Chris Beazley Supervisor
Tyler Dean
Justin MossEthan German


Katy Bermudez

Sandra Wyatt

Edris Castaldo


Miranda Patterson and Mehtap Taylor


Nutrition Services Assistant

Nutrition Services Assistant



Garfield Cooke Supervisor
Johnny Chan Night Custodian
Tracy Sharpe

Robert Collier

Day Custodian

Part time Custodian