PowerSchool Parent Portal

All parents/guardians should create a PowerSchool Parent Portal account.  Directions can be found at https://henricoschools.us/online-services/ to create an account, add additional students, and get help if you are a returning user.

  • Your PowerSchool Parent Portal will be an essential resource for you and your family and will provide such information as:
    • Class placement
    • Transportation Information
    • Schoology access codes
    • Grades (after 9/7)
    • Attendance (after 9/7)
  • ALL forms will be completed online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal this year. You must use a browser ( Web address: https://sis.henrico.k12.va.us/public )to complete the forms as this feature is not available on the app. Once your account has been made, click the ecollect forms button from the menu and complete ALL of the Back to School Forms. Some forms are informational and only require an e-signature indicating you have read it, while others are required forms that must be completed and submitted. Two forms will show as pending until the information is verified by our office staff: Address Verification/Change and Contacts Verification/Change. If needed, you will be contacted to bring in the required documentation in order to make these changes.
  • Please take the time to review your information and update any changes, especially contacts and emergency contacts. It is essential to the safety of our students that this information is kept up to date.
  • New this year: you will be able to make changes for your student(s)throughout the year as needed through the portal.