Jan 25

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2020-21 Light of Hope Award

The Light of HopeKES’s 2021 Light of Hope recipient is a fifth grader, Ava Rajappa.  Ava started in May 2020, Art Love charity.  Ava loves arts and crafts and has been anxious during Covid-19. In spring, her family read about a girl who was donating art and craft supplies to children and Ava thought it would be wonderful to start something locally. Ava created Art Love with the mission to serve the homeless and children facing hardships through art. As she wrote in her blog “sometimes, when I am scared of Covid-19 or overwhelmed with my school work, I do arts and crafts to calm me down. They are very fun to do, and I am hoping other kids who have similar feelings would be able to use the art kits we donate to feel better when they are anxious.”    Attached are links so you can see the journey and the evidence for why we are so proud of her and how she truly is a “light of hope” in our school community.  www.art-love.org and www.facebook.com/artlovecharity20.

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