Apr 22

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“Earth Week” at Kaechele

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd.   Although we will not be at school on Monday, KES will use Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as an opportunity as global citizens to  “make a difference.” Our Earth Day theme, “ It takes one small step to make a change,” will help our students, families and staff become more aware of how their actions impact the world around them, and it will help empower us to take responsibility for our future.   Listed below are a the events scheduled for this week:
*All students, families and staff will be encouraged this week to take a specific step to reduce, reuse or recycle and/or NOT to use any plastics at home or at school.
*On Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs.,  KES cafeteria will only be using biodegradable straws and forks, and students who bring their lunch will be encouraged to bring silverware from home.   
*During the morning announcements, Mrs. Patterson and/or other guests will share facts about our planet and ways to help support our school’s mission in “making a difference.”
*In classrooms this week, students will have opportunities to participate in conversations, lessons and STEM activities related to saving our planet.   
*Our school will work at reducing the amount of paper we use in our building, and, if at all possible,  declare a “paperless” day in classrooms one of the days during the week.
*A special homework assignment for KES families will be shared by Mrs. Patterson via the School Messenger message system on Tuesday evening.  The homework assignment will be due to teachers on Friday, April 25th.   If the assignment is turned in, then it will be scored as a 100% grade in Social Studies or Science ( teacher will determine which subject).
*On Friday, as a culminating event, our school will celebrate Field Day and the opportunity to be in our environment.   
At KES we are already committed to “respecting our environment” and have many recyclable projects in our building-  Teracycle, Crayola ColorCycle- so this is not new thinking or action on our part. However, this week will give us an opportunity to really showcase our concern and join together to make a difference.

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