Dec 28

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Car Drop off/Pick Up

Now that the weather is getting colder, many of you may choose to bring your child to school in the morning. Please make sure you review our procedures for morning drop off to ensure that the drop off process is safe and efficient for all involved.  

7:20 AM begins the drop off period, and students should not be released from the car until an adult has arrived for duty.

  • Students should exit and enter from the vehicle’s passenger side only.
  • Our car rider area is a “no cell phone” zone.  Please give your full attention to our procedures during drop off and pick up times.
  • Cars should pull up to the designated drop off/pick up area.  Other cars should follow the same procedure so that all designated drop off and pick up areas are being used at the same time.  Fifth grade safety patrol students and school personnel will be available in the car rider area to assist in ensuring that students being dropped off or picked up are safe.  Safety patrol students will not open and close car doors.
  • Parents should take care of all notes, last-minute plans and “fond farewells” before arriving at school and be ready to pull away in the afternoon as soon as possible.
  • If parents have a need to extend their time with their child, they may pull into a space in the parking lot and then walk their child to the door. Children must never be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot and should never walk in the parking lot alone.

If you live within the “bus riding zone” rather than bringing your child to school on inclement weather days, an alternative would be to drive to the bus stop and wait there for the bus. 

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