Jan 19

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Youth Art Month-Bring In Your Bits and Pieces!

Youth Art Month (March) is quickly approaching, which means Kaechele’s annual Festival of the Arts, on March 29th, will be here before we know it…

This year, we are excited to have professional artist Charlene Woods join us the first week of March to help each class create a beautiful, collaborative art piece for the festival.

In preparation for Mrs. Woods’ visit, we need to collect the following items to make our unique class artworks:

Game pieces, figurines (broken pieces especially), toys, doll pieces, nuts, bolts, wing nut washers, gears, jewelry, old electronics that can be disassembled (typewriters, VCRs, calculators), dominoes, Legos, small toys (plastic, not rubber), building set pieces (metal and plastic), small springs, wooden cut outs (broken is fine), plastic forks, knives and spoons, toy soldiers, zippers, beads, buttons, wooden puzzle pieces, paper clips, and the list goes on!  The rule of thumb should be flat is fine, long is fine, if neither then the piece should fit in the palm of your hand easily. Even broken pencils and pens and really short pencils will work!

Please bring all collected items to school, and drop them in the bin by the art room door. We will start our pieces as soon as we have enough objects, so the more we collect, the better!  

Check out Charlene Woods’ Facebook page to get a better idea of what we will be creating in class!  www.facebook.com/OvertheRiverArtwork

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